Welcome To The WordPress Security Checklist

Question: How can I better secure my WordPress site?

Answer: With our popular WordPress Security Checklist!

You may have stumbled upon us because you want to better secure your site. Well, we are glad you’re here and eager to help you.


Is Your Web Site as Secure as it Should Be?

Did you know that many website hacks are automated, which means these hackers don’t care how much traffic you get or how popular it may or may not be.

Hackers will still try and use your website’s potential resources and files for their own devious purposes. That is, unless you keep them out. It is vitally important that all WordPress users take the security of their site very seriously. To help you better secure your site, we’ve developed this excellent checklist.

A WordPress Security Checklist That Gives You Step-by-Step Instructions

We strived to make this process as easy and straightforward as possible so that you can better secure of your WordPress website.

Here is what we will help you with:

  • Help you make it very easy to keep your site updated with new WordPress updates – very important!
  • Find the absolute best security plugins you should be using and show you how to configure them.
  • Backup! Backup! Backup! We’ll help you get a good backup plan in place.
  • Show you how to get critical notifications in case anything goes wrong with your site.
  • If, in the unfortunate case you get hacked, we’ll help you restore your site back to normal

This checklist takes the frustration out of securing your site.

As fellow WordPress users, we’ve had the unfortunate experience of learning the hard way. We want to help others keep from having to learn the tough lessons of security. We run a number of sites using the WordPress platform ourselves. On one of our early sites, we had the unfortunate experience of coming to the site one day, only to find that it had been taken over hackers, who injected some unknown files.

This taught us a valuable lesson on just how important it is to secure our sites. Unfortunately, there was mixed documentation “out there” about the best way to go about this. Yes, we’ve ready the plethora of blog posts about “best security plugins”, but they didn’t really help. Much of the information was regurgitated drivel that only made things more confusing. Trying to sort through this info and determining what worked on what did not, was not a viable solution. This is why we created The WordPress Security Checklist.

So, How Long Can I Expect to Spend on Securing My Site?

The time will vary by each persons skill level, but the steps can be easily followed by any WordPress user; regardless of skill level.

The documentation is long, but don’t fret. It is absolutely essential for you to secure your site and we fill this method is the best direction for you. Heck, we follow it ourselves for all of our sites.

Generally speaking, most users can have their site secure in about five hours or so.