How To Restore A WordPress Site

Question: How do you restore a WordPress website?

Answer: It varies and the best solutions are with your hosting provider or a proven backup plugin.

Before we go into the above recommendations, here is a solution offered straight from WordPress which may not be doable for the beginner or even mildly-experienced user:

Using phpMyAdmin, follow the steps below to restore a MySQL database.

  1. Login to phpMyAdmin.
  2. Click “Databases” and select the database that you will be importing your data into.
  3. You will then see either a list of tables already inside that database or a screen that says no tables exist. This depends on your setup.
  4. Across the top of the screen will be a row of tabs. Click the Import tab.
  5. On the next screen will be a location of text file box, and next to that a button named Browse.
  6. Click Browse. Locate the backup file stored on your computer.
  7. Make sure SQL is selected in the Format drop-down menu.
  8. Click the Go button.

Well, did you catch all that? If you think this is beyond your ability or you are simply afraid of “breaking” somthing, then try a few of these options.

Ask your hosting provider about their backup solutions

Most hosting providers like, Hostgator, GoDaddy, Bluehost and WP Engine do automatic backups. Reach out to them to make sure that this is being done on a daily basis and found out their process for doing so. Make sure that you understand what exactly you would need to do in the unfortunate even that your site breaks and you need to employ the latest backup.

Check out these proven backup plugins

Plugins can be a blessing and it when it comes to backup solutions, there are a few I strongly recommend.

Backup Buddy by iThemes is a proven option that is used by many in the WordPress community.

BackWPup is perhaps the best free solution available.

Both of these plugins have several features that will allow you to easily backup your site and restore it.