Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin

Take preventive action against hackers with the Sucuri plugin. It will scan your site to look for any signs of intrusion or nefarious activity.

Her is what the awesome Sucuri Security plugin does:

  • Provide server side scanning
  • Has a nice 1-click Hardening feature
  • Provides Integrity Monitoring
  • Will actually log all audits and provide activity reporting
  • 1-click Hardening

So, Why Do We Think You Should Have the Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin?

To begin with, the creators of Sucuri have been active in web security dating back to 2004. The company was actually founded back in 2010 and they specialize in spyware and malware detection and removal.  For any of their clients, they will actually provide them with their Security plugin for free.


Sucuri features:

  1. Security Activity Auditing
  2. File Integrity Monitoring
  3. Remote Malware Scanning
  4. Blacklist Monitoring
  5. Effective Security Hardening
  6. Post-Hack Security Actions
  7. Security Notifications
  8. Website Firewall (add on)