Update Notifications

How old is your WordPress site?

When was the last time you’ve upgraded it? Last month? Two quarters ago? Three years ago?
Or, even worse:

Well, my developer told me not to upgrade at all. He said it’ll screw things up.

If your WordPress site is at least running on 4.1, well and good. You’re on your way to take advantage of the coolest features and protection WordPress has to offer. But if you’re currently chugging at version 3.2, then, we’ve got a problem.
I know you’ve got a few valid excuses not to pursue an upgrade (e.g. Lack of budget, no resources or not in immediate plan). But the benefits of upgrading your WordPress site today far outweigh the excuses of not doing so:
• Your peace of mind
• Happy and satisfied customers
• Excellent recognition from the industry where you belong

One of the best ways to stay on top of this is to get update notifications for the latest versions of WordPress.